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Posted on 2007.09.23 at 19:12
Current Mood: mellowmellow
this weekend so far has been good. went out to eat with sam and scott, drank wine before we went in and left kind of fast because we wanted to do other things. we ended up not doing anything and went back to scotts house to watch heros and sleep. haha i felt asleep so fast that i didnt even see the dvd start.
today we planned to see a movie, eastern promises. we ate before and ended up being late for the movie so we decided to watch dragon wars. that movie was by far the worst movie i have seen recently. graphics were terrible, plot was even worse, and the acting was so bad. i was totally expecting this movie to be about dragon wars. thats what it was called and the previews showed it to be about it. it was not about dragon fighting at all. it was so disappointing.

the night ended early and now im at home doing nothing.
sam goes to work tomorrow and i have the day off. wish there was more time to be with him.


Posted on 2007.09.21 at 23:38
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
lately i have been a little too stressed out. i really need to do something for myself instead of constantly worrying about everyone else...i think thats my problem. i worry about my problems and other peoples problems and never get any of them resolved. gonna fix that.
in the mean time i'm going to kick back, read, listen to music and just finally not think about other people, OH and have it rain so the whole mood will be even more relaxing
what a perfect situation. if it doesn't rain i wont be too disappointed :)

my coworker kyleigh is great, i can see us becoming really good friends.

something new

Posted on 2007.09.18 at 21:46
Current Mood: boredbored
i have been trying to find some different music to listen to but cant find anything i like yet...
any suggestions? anything is good enough

not from around here

Posted on 2007.09.18 at 18:35
Current Mood: mellowmellow
i haven't been doing much at all lately, mainly just staying at my house since Saturday night. work has been great. i meet all these people who aren't from around here at all. last week i had a couple who were from Brooklyn, NY. they were by far the most interesting and talkative people i have ever talked to. not to mention they were great tippers :) i made sure they both enjoyed there treatments though. then there were people from Wisconsin, Ohio, new jersey, LA, SF, Colorado, and locals. so i am looking forward to meeting more!


Posted on 2007.09.12 at 18:37
Current Mood: great
work was good today except for when my manager and boss had me come into there office and talk abou thislady silvia. everyone knows that she is an angry person and talks bad about our resort/spa. somehow word got back to peggy(my boss) and she is having people come in to tell her whats really going on. all i care about is that its kept confidential. i dont need any problems with anyone and i really dont want to feel uncomfortable when i come to work only because i told the truth about silvia.

other than that i am wanting to go to sf feel the cold weather, eat some really good food and see a movie and walk around. maybe in the next couple of weeks ill plan that out and actually go.

OH and i have that deep tissue massage tomorrow.. YAY i cannot wait for that

things are finally looking up

Posted on 2007.09.08 at 19:22
Current Mood: creativecreative
we hired a new nail technician and i love her already. she is perfect and we are so compatable in every way and im so glad she will be working with me tuesday through saturday. we have another nail technician, megan and i dont believe that megan with be back at the spa/nail lounge due to the fact that she called in sick on sunday and it being a very busy day was just unnacceptable to the managers. i actually dont care if she doesnt come back because she was so negative and put me in terrible moods. im just so glad to finally be working with someone i can get a long with. :)

everything else is doing great. my paycheck was 1k and i finally got my laptop. im so excited that everything is finally getting better. i think from now on ill try and let one thing in my life screw everything else up.

its saturday night tonight and i have no idea what i am doing...i just got off work at 530 and got back around 6 and took a shower. sam is in fairfield with brandon and whoever else seeing 310 to yuma. too bad i dont drive....i swear im going to get my license..i have to or i wont be doing shit because i cant just keep relying on other people to pick me up and take me home. anyways, hopefully i dont spend this night by myself

for the past month, maybe even all summer

Posted on 2007.09.03 at 16:24
Current Mood: sadsad
terrible things keep happening and i have no control over them.
its my life, so why does it keep fucking up so bad?

i want so many things that are going wrong to be right again


Posted on 2007.08.21 at 16:49
ive been irritable, over emotional, angry and in a i dont give a shit mood for no reason. what gives?
i dont even have a reason for feeling like this. it just started happening and i wish it would stop

i know what i want

Posted on 2007.08.01 at 13:18
Current Mood: sad now that i brought up LA
i'm over at sam's house right now. been here for most of the week and i'm starting to wonder if he is getting tired of seeing me almost every day. i love being able to be with him and i haven't heard any complaints. so i guess not

so far this summer as been ok and i cant really complain. i've moved back into my parents house. started training at solage in calistoga. got my first tattoo in sonoma. spent a lot on sushi for those friday nights that i didn't have anything to do. waterworld with maya, narissa and brice! that was so much fun. oh and my birthday i got a pet fish. and last but not least i have been hanging out with sam more often. i think we are getting closer and i know i'm really happy being with him.
hmmmmm. other things happened but they aren't worth typing really.

soo, in about 5 months sam is moving to LA to go to a film school with ryan. it makes me really sad because sam is my best friend and he's going to be so far away. i'm really going to miss him and hopefully while we are doing different things we will still be together.

mixed emotions

Posted on 2007.07.25 at 10:29
Current Mood: mad
yesterday all i felt was angry.
my job has given me a temp. job at
calistoga ranch. they stuck that one
down my throat and im still trying to
swallow it. i wish people would ask before
taking all action.

later on i recieved a wonderful massage
from brice. i wasnt angry anymore and i
thought i wouldnt be for the rest of the night.
im still so angry. angry with work. with friends.
sam. with how im spending my time caring about
people. they dont care to want to know who i am
but they always say things that make me think
they are interested.
i have a lot in me to offer. if only the people
i reached out to would take it they would finally
see what it could be.

ADD ON: july 26, 2007

i went and had a 3 second tour with karen(director of spa) and i gave her a pedicure. basically what it all came down to was that if i was going to work for her temporarily i would need a week worth of training.
this goes back to me saying how pointless it would be for me to work for her for only a week because i would do a shitty job since i had no training.
why was that so hard for my manager and her to understand before they started making appoitments for me to go there and show my "skills"?

so i wont be working for her. what a waste of time. but hey i got a bar of soap for going..

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