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Posted on 2009.09.21 at 23:52
i almost forgot about this. So many things have happened to me since my last posting. just to refresh my memory i remember back in march when things between me and my "friends" and the person i was somewhat dating ended up screwing me over yet again. not to mention those "friends" of mine are not my close friends. we talk occasionally but i cant relate to them and i know they cannot relate to me. we are very different people and thats just how things are meant to be.

other than losing touch with the people i once surrounded myself with almost everyday, i can finally say that i am feeling very happy and on i am finally on a good path. there are somethings here and there that really make me angry or sad but i think thats what needs to happen for now. i just hope it doesnt progress into anything worse. i dont want to go back to a few months ago where i was thinking of nothing and feeling sorry for myself. i wasnt even myself 3 or 4 months ago. the drugs were really taking over and i can see that now that i am drug free. my only problem now is that it has really affected my sleeping. i used to not be able to sleep a few years back but now its getting to the point where i fall alseep but i wake up 20 or 30 different times during the night. hopefully something changes.

i also met someone on the day of my birthday. his name is ethan, and he is perfect for me. i am so happy to have met someone like him.

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