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a great way to start off the year

Posted on 2009.01.13 at 21:24
Current Location: seattle, wa
Current Mood: excellent
Current Music: aesop rock
for the past week i have been in Seattle with narissa. Shawna was so nice and offered to let us stay with her. it's been really great. for awhile there i was feeling jaded and i my perception was a mess. being here, being away from everything i was so accustomed to back at home has really helped me to see things from a different point of view. I feel extremely happy and so grateful that i was able to do this for myself. i've gotten to know shawna and i also met some of her friends. i think shawna and everyone i have met are sooo great and so much fun to be around. i cant even express how happy i am to have had the opportunity to do all of this.

sooo tomorrow is the day we go back home. so sad, but also ready to go home. i have everything packed and ready to go. our flight leaves at 3:00 or 3:30. we'll have to bus it downtown and then go under to the tunnel and catch the 194 to the airport. i've had such a fun time exploring the city and catchin all the buses around here, getting stuck inside of that park, taking all sorts of pictures, space needle, goin to that house and experiencing some drama(its life), getting a tattoo with narissa, the movies valkerie and curious tale of ben button were amazing, shopping, homeless people, eating whatever we can find in shawnas house, meeting all of her friends, getting to know her, everything about this trip was an incredibly fun experience worth doing again. i will definitely be back here when the weather is better.

unfortunately it didn't snow here. that is my ONLY disappointment and i put myself close to debt by coming here but i dont even care. it was SO worth it.

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