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Posted on 2007.10.09 at 17:18
Current Music: elliot smith
my previous entry was about work. i went to that meeting even though i was throwing up and had a fever only to find out that the meeting was canceled. nobody even called me and they all know i live in napa. i was so angry

i am not sick anymore and i had the day off today which was really nice. ill be going to sushi at seven with narissa. i would have asked sam to go with me but he hasnt even called me back from a long time ago and i figured narissa would have liked to go. i think sam went to sf, so maybe thats why he hasnt called in awhile.

earlier today i cleaned out narissa dresser and her nightstand because she is getting new ones. she has so much stuff i still dont know where to put it for now. i also only cleaned it out so i can get my bed :) i could only get it if the dresser and night stand are thrown out. i want that bed now because im tired of sharing one with narissa. yeah i share one.....it drives me insane when i cant sleep cause she is moving around all night and then i move around at night so she moves around. haha its ridiculous.

so for Christmas i was thinking of getting dad a laptop. and for narissa naiomi and mom i still have to think about......
sam will get a late bday present and an early xmas present because im not sure if hes going to be here.

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